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Ace the Labrador

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Simbaa and Jiyon

Big bullet   Testimonials - Ace the Labrador

Ace the LabradorOur family moved from New York to Mumbai in 2007 and I would often read about Rohini and Radhika in the newspapers and magazines - about all the wonderful work they were doing in bringing very special animals to help adults and children, all with their own special needs. I read about the progress many of these individuals had made, some even miraculous. Then one day I had the pleasure of observing the Animal Angels team at JBCN School, as they conducted pet therapy with the students.

I asked them for help to locate a pet appropriate for my son's needs. They kindly agreed, met with my son and understood his needs. In the summer of 2009, they found our amazing angel - Ace, a beautiful golden Labrador pup. I could not believe how perfect Ace was for our family. It was, as if they had customized the animal for us. They visited us regularly and taught us how to take care of him as he was the first pet we had ever had. They referred us to the appropriate vets and dog walkers, etc. all of which was so important to us, at the time.

Most impressively, they trained Ace to be a Therapy Dog. He was trained in a very special manner to be a therapy pet. As a result of this special training, Ace is the most calm and composed dog I know. He is excited to give love. Ace never barks, never bites, senses who needs him most and will always be found next to that family member. Best of all Ace has a beautiful, silent sibling-like relationship with my son. They roll around and play rough, like friends would.

My son sometimes pretends to ride him like a horse or may kick him by mistake. Ace does not seem to mind at all and knows exactly when to get out of the way so he is not trampled by him. Ace's therapeutic presence is not just helpful to my son. Amazingly I found my husband - a former 'animal hater' - to benefit from Ace as well. Each day as he returns from a grueling day of work, I find him kneeling at the door, quietly stroking the dog and enjoying every therapeutic moment of it. We love the fact that with help of Animal Angels were able to bring home a companion for our special child.

Thanks Rohini, Radhika and Angel.

Anu Vaish


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